I’m John Loschiavo and I have worked in the bushland management sector for the past 10 years.


I have worked with stooped back, and sun burnt neck to conserve and restore bushland across the Greater Melbourne region, as well as Victoria, in a wide range of organisations including state and local government, universities and volunteer conservation groups.

While my job predominantly occurs outdoors, I have been let inside on the odd occasion and have completed a Bachelor in Natural Resource Management and a first class Honours in Forest Science.

Over the years I have kept my finger on the pulse on the advances in the science of conservation biology and restoration ecology. I’ve found that a lot of great ideas are not reaching the on-ground managers. I’d like to use this blog to share some of this research in juicy bite-sized pieces that are relevant and practical for bushlanders.

I’ve also found that there’s a lot of fantastic work being done on the ground that the wider bushlander community are not aware of. Often times we work in enclaves and don’t have the time to share our successes and failures. I’d like to use this blog to share these stories.

I’d like to use the name ‘bushlander’ to refer to not only bushland managers, but also that crazy, passionate and dedicated bunch of folk who love to spend their time out in the bush.


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